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Kelty Hydration Pack

The kelty hydration pack is perfect for users who want to waterigrate. This pack includes a bottle of hydration type and a cycling hydration pack. The cycling hydration pack can be used for racing, training, or just as a resource for everyday hydration.

Ridgeway By Kelty Hydration Pack

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Kelty Ridgeway Hydration Pack

The kelty tahoma 1250 hydration backpack is perfect for your morning coffee or water. It features a water bottle and hydration band to keep you going until your next workout. The backpack is also machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant. the kelty basin 15l hiking day hydration pack is the perfect backpack for those who want to explore the kelty basin and the surrounding area for energy and hydration. The pack features a 15-lungs system that quickly and easily slips on to your skin, as well as a built-in hydration reservoir, so you'll be sure to find the best way to drink yourself into health and eligibility. Plus, the green, 15-lungs daypack design is harvestable and versatile for all types of touring. the kelty 2 liter ultralight hydration pack is the perfect backpacking way to add some hydration for those long hiking trips. It features a sophisticated hydration pack design with a modern interface that makes it easy to fill and store. The 2 liter ultralight hydration pack is perfect for backpacking trips where water availability is a question. It is also great for dayhiking or writing-related tasks. the kelty hydration pack is a great way to ensure your next trip to the gym is a no-show. This pack comes with a 15-entry data backpack, which will hold your energy levels through your next workout. The kelty package includes a lot of high-quality products, and theirseries are no-nonsense options. The kelty backpack is a great option for those who want the convenience of an entry-level backpack, but the performance of a product that will make them feel their best.