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Rave Hydration Pack

This backpack is perfect forung for backpackers who want to water down their adventures. The sojourner rave hydration pack is backpacked ready with a 2-liter water blower included. This makes for a registrations and less waste with the help of the new sojourner rave water bladder backpack.





Hydration Pack Rave

The hydration pack rave is over! We are now in the night time and I am feeling a bit words-long today. I hope everything is good with you! . anyway, I have been taking the hydration pack and water bottle while I am traveling and it has made me feel a lot more tired during the day. But I believe that it's worth it in the end! I hope you all have great days! .

Edm Hydration Pack

The edm hydration pack is perfect for those who want to stay healthy and drink enough water throughout the day. This package includes a 2-liter water bladder and the edm hydration pack is perfect for carrying around. The bladder is also water resistant and includes a built-in 2- liter water bottle. the rave hydration packs are the perfect addition to any rave wardrobe. This set comes with 2l of hydration for each day of the week, and is made out of blacklightholographic design. It makes a great addition to any rave outfits or as an everyday piece. this hydration pack is perfect for those who enjoy playing raves music. It features a black and green tidalrave hydration pack, which will help keep you hydrated during your longest raves. The water bottle is also topped off with a black and green logo. It includes 2 liters of water, which is perfect for all the people who want to go to the music festival without getting sick. This water pack is also perfect for backpacks and briefcases, because it can store it in a cleat or with a water bottle pocket.